Listen: AI gives telemarketer a taste of their own medicine

This is cool.

Have you ever tried to keep a spam caller… er telemarketer… on the line by pretending to be interested in their product? I have, with the logic that the longer I keep them on the line, the less time they will have to try to scam somebody who is a bit more gullible out of their hard earned money.

I don’t have to do that any more! There’s an app out there that uses AI to listen, respond, and keep the scammers occupied while you go about your day enjoying life free of telemarketers.

Have a listen here:

Isn’t this so cool? Sounds so natural, and the telemarketer doesn’t have a clue! Plus, the “robokiller” app takes the call all by itself, and I don’t have to do anything.

I. Love. This.

Try it out for yourself free for 7 days here:

I’m done with spam callers. Enjoy this cool offer!